Preparation in make futsal field

Preparation in make futsal field

(caused by a lot ask to translated so I make the translation)

Guys, , there are some tips in make futsal field:

  1. Determine vast location that want made effort to makes futsal field correspond to field total that want made. next size reference one field of futsal: General standard: long: 25 m – 45 m, wide: 15 m – 25 m, International size: long: 38 m – 42 m, wide: 18 m – 22 m
  2. Determine estimation that need in make futsal field. Next is an example of estimation in make futsal field: Cost of 1 (One) field futsal (beginning 2008)
  3. Prepare everything that are need in the makers, next necessary needed intention:  Location and building,  Field ingredient {cement floor (cheapest), tile, wood parquet, natural grass and synthetic (more expensive)},  Goal, ball, team singlet (lease) and another tools related to futsal,  Net: used for fence around field,  Steel wire: used as Pole in net,t White paint to makes field divider line and field circle,  Foam rubber sponge/foam is used if field close to wall to avoid dispute player, Waiting rooms (don’t too narrow, so that consumer satisfied on the service),  Parking place enough vast (when needed free, so that many visitors),  Clock, guest book and another supporter device,   Comfort facilities likes television where necessary Play Station, Time Zone, etc (as comfort to wait and play so that seen exclusive)
  4. determine the tenancy price, , the standard for futsal field synthetic grass, usually revolve more than Rp. 140 rb / $ 12.5 (outdoor) and more than Rp. 190 rb / $ 17 (indoor). Best survey formerly vicinity prices so that created rivalry well.
  5. Next is list of futsal suppliers: (please add if (there are) any, please contact qtop. for more info)
  • If want to know details info, please confirmation to Mention name, address and vast the region, the need and info that want known
  • Malaysia and Indonesia: 08121020797 (Toni Sutomo)
  • Indonesia: or call no. 085228616808 (phone/sms)
  • All over Indonesia: Call (Claudia) or in 021 3225106, 021 586 4840, 5867882, 0819 0565 6161
  • Bandung : Jakarta Karpet- Jl.Jakarta No.3-Bandung.0812-2013073, Please call Budi.
  • Agus 081 5520 5512, 0341 7362147 (You can we correlated with europe factory side or china to import self and we are that do installing with size design)

Read related to this: Cost of 1 (One) futsal field (beginning 2008)


3 Responses

  1. I would like to build a Futsal field in my country,So can you please advaise.

  2. I recommend the mini football portal It has a lot of interesting information about mini soccer, futsal, beach soccer, foot volley…etc

  3. I would like to build footsal field in Sentul city bogor, pls advise how to prepare. I have land available 1250 m2, 35m x 36 m

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