Ideal Wedding

Is it in wedding, man is older than woman??

What is ideal age man and ideal to performs wedding??
Hmmm, dilemma question for several persons.. yea.. it’s right…

How does manner “design it”?? …

Ideal wedding is where man is older than woman and getting married… why so? ? this matter can be looked at from medical aspect where maximal ideal age woman that can give birth is under 40 year old, ideally maximal 36 year, , while the fertility age man can achieve age 55… For woman that give birth above 40 year, , the breed susceptible towards difference disease, , child nerve growth disturbance example. . therefore very ideal when man want a wife younger from his… particularly again when man want has breed more than 2 childs  so much…

Why it so??
Again that question answerable by ideal answer. . yea. . when do we count based on age distance birth child ideal follow Plan Family, is more than 3 year, very minimal age distance birth is 2 year, ,, for that who want had 3 childs, for example, , so duration birth is around 9-10 year. . so woman supposed can contain in age 27 year, , so that age get married it around 25 year down. . when want has 4 childs, , suggested may be first contain in age 24 year, when want has 5 childs, suggested around 22 year (fresh graduated haha.. ) try for you (man) that wish for 6 childs or more live to counted, , , haha… so inferential ideal woman age for planned wedding is 21 – 25 year, , age that gives first that is around 22 – 27 old,,

Well in woman age around 22 – 26 for many normal woman, , (where is matter and the education natural) still has bew career rises, , therefore woman must found an established man. . because he has breed so that man matter will be wanted to will subsidize the family need later..

Well what is “age man” that looked for by woman??
Again question answerable by ideal answer. . many answers, if we answer it with unideal answer,, for example the answer up to whatever,, above all, is the man is very rich… yes that is right,, but remember this, rich man usually will get married with richly also (haha. . ) and suppose there, it so difficult be looked for by woman, , so that can consume time and age, so that woman age will increase and can has impact become  “spinster”! ! ! , , so ideal answer man age that is looked for woman around 26 – 34 year…


Next analysis ideally:
Usually man has education time around age 22 – 26 year. .  at that time man stills to want out for reaches education degree, , in that age also, man is wriggling for working. .  and usually it will new achieve the result around age on 26… next, ideal example, , average scholar man education age 22 year, , to achieve master (s2) average around 2 year, , to achieve job that display average the result around 3 – 4 year. . so that ideal age get married it 27 – 28 tahun… when without degree master so the wedding age is 26…

Actually maximal ideal wedding age for man more than 34 year even can until 48 year! ! but again the answer is ideal answer, 26 – 34, sorry previously,,

Many parent doesn’t allow their daughter (remembers woman ideal age: 22 – 27 year) get married with ” the old man” (more than 34 year),

Generally woman very wish for strong man that can protect her when he has getted, , he is certain” thinks a lot” if” future the husband” old. .

Sorry brother, very pity the child later, , when he has enterred the children age around age 6-10 year, , this child very expect father that still mobile, , usually run or joke, , how can when does your age later more than 50 year, , particularly child whom that you want is more than one! ! think again brother…
So for woman that 21 – 25 year and man that 26 – 34 get ready to thinks about the wedding! ! and remember how ideal wedding if man is older then woman… and in determine wedding pair better plan is the family formerly,, example, what is total child waned… (not doubtful, many people more think to this place new begin to make love, haha..),,,

For woman and man whom the age stills below  ideal age, as in on, , remember  toes not want you will aim to that age,, so to girded, , because preparation early is very help for future later,,, (education for example)..

And for woman and man whom the age more than ideal age, likes on, , don’t say late,, there is no late word, , only factors that spelled out on, more minimized and more planned again, , remember: : get family is “very beautiful  god bless”that given to human, , so don’t muff it.. really treasure necessary, but happiness borns and mind very more necessary…

this article not to influences, , but just for remind, because human very need so much another  person aid to mutual remind… (_c’q_)

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  2. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  3. Hello ! 😉
    My name is Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that your posts are really interesting
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you:)

  4. Thanx for comment..
    Yes Piter, make a blog, is my other’ hobby,,
    may i know you more Piter, pliss add me just want to search a friends
    regards,, _c’q_

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