Companionship between Fanton Drummond and Marie just only accidentally. They meet in elevator of apartment Tulip Tree elevator, where they living. Companionship that continued make Fanton can’t to forget the shadow of Marie from his mind. Every time, Fanton always imagine the face and the body of Marie all at once want to marry her.

Although at last Fanton know that Marie has married and has a child, he not to so pay attention her. In fact he once in while fell so jealous to Wayne Danton, an amateur author, that can marry with Marie.

Before Fanton Drummond come to Marie life, a situation of Wayne-Marie is shake although not yet as far as to stage divorce. That situation caused that husband-wife having a different life’s style; Wayne is an author and Marie is a painter. Between they are not having a settlement. Wayne often to adhere a torn piece, which contains a words that will- used in production of short story or novel, in a room wall; while Marie often reading a book that as if not want admonished with an other person.

An action of Fanton which to show that he want to Marie can arrested with that women. Maybe because Fanton often to praise her creation yield, Marie become intimate which that guy. In fact, relationship of them is closer like a husband and wife.

Fanton and Marie have promise that in other time they to separated. Then, it is indeed so thus the real. They separated. But, in fact Fanton can’t forget Marie after they-separated. For losing his nervous, Fanton try to forget and to losing the shadow of Marie from his mind, but he exactly snare to the shadow of Marie’s body. At last, he wanderer fined the footstep of those women to Indiana, Kentucky, and back to Illinois.

In Chicago, Fanton acquaintance with Mary Carson in Hotel La Salle. This concise acquaintance is used by Fanton to disappear a shadow of Marie that often is visible for only a second in his mind. Without a long thought, he straight to explain his love to Mary. But, he pushed away as unseen by those women because he can’t think to marry. Refer to this reality, Fanton sense his life like fly. At last, he write masturbation letters; write a letter to Mary, not send, but rather he keep several day, then read own self his letter. After that, he measures like May who response his letter – although he’s self who write that answer letter –, Then that letter keep for several time, and he read that letter, and such that the next.

Not so long after that incident, Fanton get a very long letter from Marie. In that letter, Marie tells the origin as comprehensive. And about his affection sensate Wayne, about his real love to Fanton, In fact hi story life as lesbian with women that he named, Winifred.

This story life resembles with the Ursula’s story life and Winifred in The Rainbow novel author D.H.Lawrence. Marie also talk about his marry with Wayne just only necessity, that is for she can life normally as a women. Although Marie loving Fanton, he conscious that however Wayne is her husband and Steven is her child, he will help the life those two people.

That Marie’s letter exactly makes Fanton so much crazy to that woman. Then he chater the airplane to surroundings the Bloomington just only to forget Marie. He still yet hoped in order Marie sending a letter to him again, but useless, Marie never again to write a letter.

At least Fanton can meet again with Mary Carson, that now have physical defect cause of airplane accident that she stand. Although Marie has physical defect, Fanton still want to marry her. But, Mary still refuses because later she not wants that man just only played as the hospital-attendant. Whereas, in that woman heart actually she really loving- Fanton since the first view previously in Chicago, but in that time Mary is the nervous situation, until can’t to make a decision.

After Fanton return from Aliquippa – from Marie’s House –, he read a news in newspaper, that talk about falsification of painting by Marie Danton – that then he found unconscious in her room hotel because she too much consume a sleep medicine.

After that, Fanton try to meet Marie in Hospital. But, “Beside The Counter Providing Information Of Hospital, Marie have living the hospital more less a quarter of an hour a while ago pass through on the side door. I not remorse not disappointed. That I bury in my heart just only empty” (pg. 213).

Like that, an absent Marie this time is not made he feels so sad. He has not more think about Marie. That he thinks now is about his self that never he understands who is he want to go where, and where he will stop his journey.

He now aware that what ever in his inner heart, and anything in his mind have can responsible. “ And I has to responsible. So, in my work to become a firm embrace, I talk, ‘Oh, God, in a dazed, I will mention Your-name’”(pg. 215). This is aware of Fanton will his live as His-creature that not have any power consideration His-power.


This Novel an author Woody Allen actually using form first person narrator, with personage Fanton that act as narrator and all at once as prominent personage, but send by a letter. It is indeed so thus, by a think and a sense of that personage, this novel is breaded, full with any expression that not often is an opposite with another or ambivalence one with else. That often too is piling up unsystematically, mixed, and is substitute not only between the action and a sense of certain personage, but also act between the personage. So, on that inside often we only meet jumps of mind that so variously. To make next of an information, an author intentionally along with an addition note that explain is placed on back page of Novel.

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